Impax, the UK's largest environmental investment company announces interim results

Impax Group plc, the AIM quoted investment company which focuses exclusively on the
environmental markets sector, has announced its interim results for the period ending 31
March 2008.

• Assets under management and advisory ("AUM") at the end of March 2008 were £1.089
billion. This is well ahead of the £687 million reported on last year's Interims. On 15 May,
AUM had increased further to £1.256 billion.
• Turnover for the six months to 31 March 2008 was £4,922,608 (2007: £3,179,103). The unaudited
net result for the period was a profit before tax of £1,592,343 (2007: £644,830).
• Over the six months to 31 March 2008, Impax Environmental Markets plc ("IEM"), the
largest fund we manage, boasts total net assets of £366 million, large enough for it to
qualify for the FTSE 250 index. We are delighted by this development, particularly given that
the fund was only established in 2002.
• Impax Group continues to grow and has recently launched 4 new products: IFSL Impax
Environmental Leaders Fund; Pax World Global Green fund; Parvest Environment Fund and
we have commenced sub-management of our first segregated account for Russell

Commenting on the results, Keith Falconer, Chairman, said:
"As a specialist investment manager operating exclusively in the environmental sector, we
are continually encouraged by the positive developments in our target markets. The sectors
in which we invest are propelled by strong fundamentals. Energy and commodity prices
have continued to strengthen, making the economic case for alternative energy generation,
energy efficiency products and recycling technologies even more attractive. In addition,
there have been further positive developments in legislation affecting our sector,
particularly the detailing of 2020 targets in Europe covering renewable energy, energy
efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction. Consequently, we are delighted to announce that
almost all our portfolio companies have met or exceeded market expectations in recent
months and we remain confident that Impax is well positioned for further success."

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About Impax Group plc
Impax Group plc (Impax) was founded in 1994 as a specialist finance house focusing on the
markets for cleaner or more efficient delivery of basic services of energy, water and waste.
These markets are expanding rapidly, as business and political leaders encourage the
development of cleaner products and services in response to the increasing pressures
placed on the environment.
Impax's dedicated team of professionals, with many years of experience in the financial and
environmental sectors, is ideally placed to understand and take advantage of the
investment opportunities arising from the fast growing environmental markets. Impax Asset
Management (the trading entity of Impax Group manages over £1.2 billion of assets for
institutional and private investors, across a range of listed and private equity funds.

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