Impax Asian Enviromental Markets plc C share issue

Further to the announcement made on 23 July 2010, the Board of Impax Asian Environmental Markets plc (the "Company") is pleased to announce that, in light of continuing demand for the Company's Ordinary Shares, it is seeking to raise new monies through the issue of C Shares by way of Placing, Open Offer and Offer for Subscription (the "Issue").

The C Shares will convert into Ordinary Shares rankingpari passuwith the existing Ordinary Shares, no later than 31 December 2010. Subscription Shares will be issued as a bonus on the Ordinary Shares arising on conversion, on such a basis so as to maintain the current ratio of Ordinary Shares to Subscription Shares. Such Subscription Shares will rankpari passuwith the existing Subscription Shares and have a 4 year life and a single exercise price of 100p.

The Issue is being structured so as to ensure that existing shareholders do not suffer dilution to their NAV.

A prospectus containing full details of the Issue will be published in early October, with Admission expected to occur at the end of October.

A marketing fact sheet has today been published and will shortly be available on the Company's website.

For further information, please contact:

Ian Simm
Impax Asset Management
020 7432 2619
Dominic Waters
Collins Stewart Europe Limited
020 7523 8473

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