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2 Oct 2019

Strategist: ‘More room to upside than downside’ in fourth quarter

2 Oct 2019

Why emerging markets offer the best ESG growth opportunities

Investment Week
21 Sep 2019

Conal Gregory: Putting your money to work in an ethical way pays dividends

The Yorkshire Post
20 Sep 2019

Three star investment trusts for ethical investors

Interactive Investors
16 Aug 2019

Impax: brace for bumps but war on plastics will produce rewards

Investment Trust Insider
15 Aug 2019

How to approach ESG investing

International Adviser
9 Aug 2019

Impax Environmental Markets first-half performance beats benchmark

Shares Magazine
16 Jul 2019

Wimbledon Special

Wealth Manager
5 Jun 2019

Jargon emissions need to fall

FT Adviser
3 Jun 2019

GREEN INVESTMENTS: experts choose their environmental stars

The Washington Time
3 Jun 2019

Green Investments: experts choose their environmental stars

3 Jun 2019

Environmental markets and renewable energy

The Association of Investment Companies
1 Apr 2019

Positive investment growth but don’t risk the planet, say investors

21 Feb 2019

Impax Environmental monetises the growth in green markets

21 Feb 2019

The rubbish revolution: How to profit from plastic policy changes

City A.M.
22 Jan 2019

Impax Environmental Markets clarifies premium and discount management intentions

Environmental News Today
22 Jan 2019

Impax Environmental Says Strong Share Price Confirms Investment Thesis

Alliance news
22 Jan 2019

Impax Environmental Says Strong Share Price Confirms Investment Thesis

Alliance news


30 Oct 2018

Wealth Manager Top 100 2018: the final 25 top guns

Citywire Wealth Manager
23 Oct 2018

Citywire Investment Trust Awards: the shortlists!

16 Oct 2018

Ethical investing: How to use your money to stop climate change

I News
15 Oct 2018

Investment Week's Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards - 2018 finalists

Investment Week
28 Sep 2018

Something for the weekend: a guide to Good Money Week and ethical investing

12 Sep 2018

Revealed: Finalists for the Investment Company of the Year Awards 2018

Investment Week
9 Sep 2018

Expert advice for millennials investing for the first time

The Times (subscription only)
6 Aug 2018

Environmental investor demand lifts Impax through tough first half

Investment Trust Insider
31 Jul 2018

Green investment trusts to escape a global ‘Ponzi’ scheme

Investment Trust Insider
30 Jul 2018

How will water scarcity affect portfolios?

ESG Clarity
20 Jul 2018

Why Ben Goldsmith is downplaying his fund’s three-year milestone

Portfolio Adviser
11 Jul 2018

The green themes investment trust managers are backing

FE Trustnet
2 Jul 2018

Impax speciality is booming. How is it protecting its niche?

Citywire Wealth Manager
28 Jun 2018

Impax Environmental Markets 'all about growth & investing in pure play businesses'

17 Jun 2018

Could the eco-war against plastic and waste make you money?

24 May 2018

Ethical funds reach record high in the UK

Financial Times (subscription required)
21 May 2018

Here’s why it is worth investing small amounts

Money Observer
18 May 2018

How to invest in the war on plastic

Your Money
17 May 2018

Worried about plastic in the ocean and cars polluting? How to invest to help the environment - and earn good returns

The Daily Mail
27 Apr 2018

What are the alternative asset classes?

What Investment
18 Apr 2018

Impax: plastics alarm creates great growth story

Citywire Investment Trust Insider
12 Apr 2018

Three reasons to consider investing in electric cars

Your Money
12 Apr 2018

Impax Environmental Markets beats broad index but misses out on Tesla rise

Investors Chronicle (subscription only)
12 Apr 2018

The challenge of the circular economy

Investors Chronicle (subscription only)
9 Apr 2018

Three growth areas for social impact funds

FT Adviser
5 Apr 2018

Ian Cowie: the electric returns from backing the environment

Investment Trust Insider
4 Apr 2018

Do you want a 'feelgood' Isa? Five ethical investment ideas aimed at helping the world AND making a profit

This is Money
23 Mar 2018

Invest more in pensions

Investors Chronicle
1 Mar 2018

Canaccord Genuity’s five funds to navigate volatility

Portfolio Adviser
23 Feb 2018

Three hot growth opportunities for sustainable investment

Money Observer
15 Feb 2018

Fit for the future: how ethical investing went mainstream

Money Week
29 Jan 2018

From Netflix to Just Eat: the rapid rise of industry disruptors

The Times (subscription only)
17 Jan 2018

2018 Isa fund tips: Add spice to your portfolio in pursuit of higher returns

Money Observer
17 Jan 2018

How the war on plastic could boost your Isa: Recycling and green packaging companies set to thrive

This is Money
16 Jan 2018

Investing in the most liquid asset: water

Money Observer
3 Jan 2018

How to align your investments with your principles



4 Dec 2017

Where are the risks in environmental equities?

International Adviser
13 Nov 2017

Generation Y takes the moral high ground when investing

The Times (subscription required)
2 Nov 2017

Top ten women changing investment for good

Good with Money
31 Oct 2017

Impax ticks all the right boxes for the environment

Citywire - Investment Trust Insider
27 Oct 2017

Investment trusts for every stage of life

Shares magazine (subscription required)
12 Oct 2017

Let's get ethical: which saving and investment products allow you to do good and STILL make a healthy return?

Mail Online
12 Oct 2017

Money Pit Stop: I'm 45 and can save £5,000 a year. How do I invest it in green technologies?

Mail Online
29 Sep 2017

Bill Jamieson: Ethical decisions in the investment world

The Scotsman
22 Sep 2017

Think green investing is a bit of a gimmick? Here’s how that’s being changed

Money Observer
24 Aug 2017

Opportunities In Environmental Markets

Financial Advisor
14 Aug 2017

Three growth areas in the drive to global sustainability

Money Observer
14 Aug 2017

Conal Gregory: Ethical investments steadily closing the performance gap

The Yorkshire Post
9 Aug 2017

Should you buy an investment trust or a fund?

Money Observer
29 Jun 2017

Even Trump can't stop the march of renewables

21 Jun 2017

Quantifying carbon risk

Pensions & Investments
19 Jun 2017

Impax profile in The Financial Times

The Financial Times (subscription required)
14 Jun 2017

What will drive China's environmental markets

Investment Week (subscription required)
10 Apr 2017

Impax Environmental Markets beats indices

Interactive Investor
6 Apr 2017

Energy efficient lightbulbs, Starbucks coffee shops and guided missiles - Don't take the Isa plunge before asking where the experts will be investing their £20k

This is Money
28 Mar 2017

Do car companies want Trump to trash emission standards? Maybe not.

LA Times
23 Mar 2017

Tasty rations spice up ethical food investment front

Citywire Selector
14 Mar 2017

Ian Simm, chief executive of Impax speaks to Proactive about Impax's focus and expectations for 2017

ProactiveInvestors Stocktube
10 Mar 2017

Where we are investing our Isa allowances

Money Observer
6 Feb 2017

Ian Simm discussing opportunities for environmental markets in US under the Trump Administration and in Canada

Bloomberg TV Canada


11 Nov 2016

What climate change sceptic Trump can and can't do

Citywire Money
8 Nov 2016

Meg Brown talking ESG terminology and impact investing with Investment Week

Investment Week
3 Nov 2016

Four things to consider when investing ethically

Money Observer
2 Nov 2016

Impax CEO: Idea of giving up returns for environmental benefits is 'ancient history'

Investment Week
30 Oct 2016

So you think you're an 'ethical' investor, do you?

The Telegraph
28 Oct 2016

UK Urged To Seize Brexit Opportunities To Solve Investment Crisis

Blue & Green Tomorrow
14 Oct 2016

How a positive approach can attract new investors

Good with money
10 Oct 2016

Impax sees 59% surge in assets

FT Adviser
10 Oct 2016

Like cream, sustainable funds are rising to the top

Good with money
16 Sep 2016

Jon Forster discussing IEM plc and environmental markets on the Investment Trust show on Share Radio.

Share Radio
9 Sep 2016

Lisa Beauvilain speaks to Investment Adviser about impact investing

FT Adviser
2 Sep 2016

Investment Adviser profiles Ian Simm and Impax

Investment Adviser
18 May 2016

Responsible Investment: through the ESG looking glass

funds europe
9 May 2016

When markets ignore vital warning signs

Financial Times (subscription required)
29 Apr 2016

What to look for in ESG and Sustainability fund ratings

Portfolio Institutional (free registration)
18 Apr 2016

Impax: What to look for in ESG and sustainability fund ratings

Responsible Investor (subscription required)
15 Apr 2016

Investors aware of climate change risks but still slow to act

30 Mar 2016

Alpha attack: four wealth managers' top investment ideas

7 Jan 2016

Which sectors could be impacted by the Paris Climate Agreement?

Investment Week


16 Nov 2015

Investors see opportunities post COP21

Environmental Finance (subscription required)
2 Nov 2015

Bruce Jenkyn-Jones to speak at The Scotsman Investment Conference

The Scotsman
28 Oct 2015

The only way is ethics for investors with a conscience

The Scotsman
20 Oct 2015

Ethical funds: ethical in name only?

Money Observer
22 Sep 2015

Ian Simm on UK pension funds fossil fuel risk

Pensions Expert
21 Sep 2015

Investment cleaning up the world

14 Sep 2015

Profile of IEM plc in The Scotsman

The Scotsman
14 Aug 2015

Innovative environmental impact measurement for IEM plc

Responsible Investor*
10 Jun 2015

Higher performance, lower carbon is a new mantra for funds

London Evening Standard
8 May 2015

Climate change: the rational approach (free registration required)

Portfolio Institutional
8 May 2015

Green campaigners want big investors to ditch fossil fuel stocks

Daily Mail
27 Apr 2015

Climate change is now a risk, not an uncertainty

Environmental Finance*
23 Apr 2015

Renewables stocks recover in buoyant Q1 (subscription required)

Environmental Finance*
20 Apr 2015

Drought in California, an investment trigger?

Investment News
31 Mar 2015

Impact of low oil price on environmental markets

FT Adviser
12 Mar 2015

IEM plc profiled in Investors Chronicle 12 March 2015 (Subscription required)

Investors Chronicle
6 Mar 2015

Specialist: Rated Funds 2015

Interactive Investor
3 Mar 2015

Simon Gottelier, water specialist at Impax, on Why investing in water infrastructure & technologies is important to all of us

Green Money
26 Feb 2015

Bruce Jenkyn-Jones on Shares radio discussing long term investing in environmental markets

Share Radio
9 Feb 2015

Investment Trust Insider Fund Face Off IEM vs Jupiter Ecology

22 Jan 2015

Impax optimistic about year ahead*

Environmental Finance
19 Jan 2015

Bruce Jenkyn-Jones on the impact of plummeting oil price on environmental markets



20 Nov 2014

Where can investors find exposure to the energy storage sector?

Money Observer
31 Oct 2014

Interim management statement Q3 2014

Impax Environmental Markets plc
13 Oct 2014

Comment: Conference had bags of goodies (IEM plc presentation)

The Scotsman
10 Sep 2014

Forget gold - invest in Water

3 Sep 2014

Investors size up sustainability

Markets Media
1 Sep 2014

Small beetle with a big lesson for investors

Financial News*
28 Aug 2014

Can technology help us survive California's drought?

28 Aug 2014

Impax Asset Management in Social Investing

Social Investing
30 Jul 2014

Two alternative income options

Portfolio Advisor
28 Jul 2014

Financial News 2014 Asset Management Awards shortlist

Financial News*
22 Jul 2014

Peter Rossbach at the Infrastructure Investor Roundtable 2014

Infrastructure Investor
2 Jul 2014

David Kempton: why this environmental investor backs fracking

1 Jul 2014

A desalination boom in California could help it deal with 'exceptional' drought

The Guardian
1 Jul 2014

Aqua America Seeks Municipal Water Systems to Expand Footprint

16 Jun 2014

Genuine value small caps

Investor Chronicle*
14 Jun 2014

Investing in Scarce Resources

Wall Street Journal*
14 Jun 2014

Eau, dividendes, consommation - Des thématique à investir

Investissement Conseils
14 Jun 2014

Resource Investing Matters Now, Not Later: AM CheatSheet

Foundation Endowment
14 Jun 2014

mpax comments on world energy investment

Energy Global
14 Jun 2014

Locklin: Climate change in Virginia

Hampton Roads
14 Jun 2014

5 Earth-Friendly Stock Picks to Beat the Market

14 Jun 2014

Successful Investing in Resource Optimization

Financial Advisor Magazine
14 May 2014

Money to be made from sustainable investment, says Impax chief

Blue and Green Tomorrow
2 May 2014

Molly Ono | People on the Move

Biz Journals
23 Apr 2014

Impax Buys Finland Wind Farm From Fortum, Metsahallitus

22 Apr 2014

Impax wins award for sustainable investment

Environmental Finance*
22 Apr 2014

mpax wins Queen's award

Managers of Wealth
16 Apr 2014

Impax Asset Management buys Finnish wind farm

15 Apr 2014

Climate Change and the Fossil Fuel Divestiture Movement

Institutional Investor
15 Apr 2014

Impax takes resource optimisation investment strategy to US west coast

Blue & Green Tomorrow
14 Apr 2014

Rated Funds 2014: 11 specialist funds

Interactive Investor
14 Apr 2014

Not a Drop to Drink: A Look at Water Scarcity

Resource Investing News
10 Apr 2014

Impax a ‘key pick’ after strong quarter

7 Apr 2014

“We’re innovative – there will be solution to our resource problems”

FT Adviser
25 Mar 2014

Thematic equities: top five biggest outperforming managers revealed

Citywire Global
24 Mar 2014

Highlights from this week’s Investors Chronicle*

Financial Times*
14 Mar 2014

Denmark's LD awards equity mandates to Carnegie AM, Impax AM

Investment & Pensions Europe
4 Mar 2014

Simon Gottelier: "We believe the opportunities related to irrigation worldwide. "

Les Echos
27 Feb 2014

Three fund managers offer their water sector picks

The Globe and Mail
27 Feb 2014

Water: essential for life; good for a portfolio?

The Globe and Mail
27 Feb 2014

Investors Can Profit from Rejecting Climate Change Myths

Wealth Management
27 Feb 2014

Investors Take a New Shine to Solar

The Wall Street Journal
21 Feb 2014

Trailblazers in thematic equities: three managers to watch

20 Feb 2014

Investors Can Profit From Rejecting Climate Change Myths

Financial Advisor
10 Feb 2014

Ethical Investing - February 2014

FT Advisor
3 Feb 2014

Top tips to invest speculatively for growth

nteractive Investor
28 Jan 2014

Energy efficiency: Taking advantage of growth opportunities

Investment News
28 Jan 2014

Trust Insider: why Impax' time has come again

27 Jan 2014

Impax reports strong investment performance

Charity Times
24 Jan 2014

60% gain for 2013's top investment trust tip

Interactive Investor
23 Jan 2014

Is it time to back renewable energy?

23 Jan 2014

Impax flagship fund toasts 33% returns in 2013

Environmental Finance*
23 Jan 2014

Impax Asset Management: investment opportunities in environmental markets ‘attractive’

Blue and Green Tomorrow


18 Dec 2013

The psychology of investing for children

The Guardian
2 Dec 2013

Risk of stranded assets prompts debate over engaging or divesting

Pensions & Investments
29 Nov 2013

Impax hikes divi 20% as funds outperform

Environmental FInance
28 Nov 2013

Prospects look good for Impax Environmental Markets

Investor Chronicle*
28 Nov 2013

Impax investors set for divi boost as AUM hits £2.2bn

Portfolio Adviser
28 Nov 2013

Impax taps in to water flows

Financial News*
28 Nov 2013

Impax investors set for income bonanza in dividend restructure

28 Nov 2013

Environmental equities make a comeback

The Asset
25 Nov 2013

More valuable than oil

Pensions & Investments
20 Nov 2013

Corporate bonds go green*

Financial News
14 Nov 2013

Impax sees rise in SRI inquiries from Asia

Asian Investor
8 Nov 2013

Water Stocks: How to Invest

4 Nov 2013

The Financial Case for Divestment of Fossil Fuel Companies by Endowment Fiduciaries

Huffington Post
1 Nov 2013

Stress-testing the water

Investment & Pensions Europe
31 Oct 2013

Beyond Fossil Fuels: How to Build a Green Energy Portfolio

Insitutional Investor
29 Oct 2013

Clean profits to be made from China’s dirty skies

China Economic Review
28 Oct 2013

Opportunities on the other side of resources boom

Investment Operations & Custody
16 Oct 2013

What is Ethical Investing?

16 Oct 2013

Why ethical investments are beating the non-ethical

What Investment
9 Oct 2013

Impax bounces back from Asian trust closure

9 Oct 2013

Impax bounces back from Asian trust closure

9 Oct 2013

Market helps boost Impax assets 20%

FT Adviser
26 Sep 2013

Stock strategies for the end of the world

25 Sep 2013

Investors need to get off the fence on climate change

The Guardian
6 Sep 2013

Impax Buys 2 Finnish Wind Farms From Fortum With Plans for More

27 Aug 2013

The funds set to profit from 'super trends'

The Telegraph
9 Aug 2013

Climate Change: the five investment myths

Ian Simm, Portfolio Insitutional
1 Aug 2013

Ominder Dhillon writes on the” win win for investors of divesting from fossil fuels and claims of underperformance are wrong”.

Blue & Green Tomorrow
1 Aug 2013

CEO of UK environmental investor Impax added to Natural Environmental Research Council

New Energy World Network
24 Jul 2013

Water World

24 Jul 2013

Why sustainable investment does not mean lower returns

The Guardian Sustainable Business
22 Jul 2013

The trio of tiny water firms Jenkyn-Jones is backing

16 Jul 2013

Fracking water's dirty little secret - recycling

16 Jul 2013

Investment funds divested from fossil fuels "will perform better"

Energy and Environmental Management
15 Jul 2013

Bruce Jenkyn-Jones trims US exposure

FT Adviser
15 Jul 2013

Third year anniversary of Old Mutual Ethical Fund

Hedge Week
15 Jul 2013

Can renewables investment match oil and gas?

The Scotsman
15 Jul 2013

Can renewables investment match oil and gas?

The Scotsman
14 Jul 2013

‘Blocked’ UK climate review angers investors*

Financial Times
12 Jul 2013

It may not pay to be green, but you lose money being brown

Financial News
11 Jul 2013

Impax: Investors Considering Fossil Fuel Divestment

Institutional Investor's Endowments and Foundations (US)
11 Jul 2013

Global benchmark performs better without fossil fuel stocks, claims asset manager

Environmental Finance
9 Jul 2013

Fossil fuel companies to be rendered 'worthless': Impax

Financial Standard Australia
8 Jul 2013

Fossil fuel divestment research finds performance not an issue

Super Review Australia
14 Jun 2013

Winner of the 2013 FT/IFC Sustainable Investor of the Year Award

Financial Times
4 Jun 2013

Water, water everywhere*

Portfolio Institutional
3 Jun 2013

Winner of the 2013 PIPA Award for Sustainable, responsible ethical investment

Pensions Week
16 May 2013

Impax swings into profit as investors get more environmentally-friendly

14 May 2013

Impax Considering Backing Solar Companies in China, Europe,U.S.

29 Apr 2013

How to tap into water sector profits

The Globe and Mail
29 Apr 2013

Cleaning up on Fracking's Dirty Water

22 Apr 2013

Sustainable Alpha: Bruce Jenkyn-Jones talks resource optimization

Sustainable Business Oregon
19 Apr 2013

Water Stocks Beat Gold, Oil as Shortages Loom: Chart of the Day

19 Apr 2013

Wind energy investors look east*

Environmental Finance
4 Apr 2013

Go high and low to build a portfolio

23 Mar 2013

Spring Break?

22 Mar 2013

World Water Day: long-term opportunities in investing in water

Blue & Green Tomorrow
15 Mar 2013

Sustainable fracking investments?

1 Mar 2013

The resource efficiency opportunity*

Environmental Finance
11 Feb 2013

Year of the Snake: seven views on China

4 Feb 2013

Jenkyn-Jones expects a wind of change with renewables

1 Feb 2013

Wind industry needs to fight cost misconceptions

Windpower Monthly
25 Jan 2013

Impax on agri-equities, MSCI on weather events*

24 Jan 2013

Cheap gas and Chinese dairy demand sow bumper returns for agriculture

What Investment
14 Jan 2013

There’s value around for those who will look

The Scotsman
10 Jan 2013

Technical view: financing infrastructure

Pensions Week
6 Jan 2013

Investors spooked by 'complex' UK Energy Bill

The Telegraph
4 Jan 2013

Very Resourceful

Financial Advisor


21 Nov 2013

Shale Gas Go-Ahead Would Benefit UK Business Sectors

Natural Gas Europe
27 Dec 2012

Make an impact with Impax

7 Dec 2012

Is shale gas the new gold rush?

Portfolio Adviser
7 Dec 2012

Consultants gear up for shale gas opportunities

Environmental Analyst
1 Dec 2012

Sunny side up

30 Nov 2012

Climate Change & Ethical Investment Award Winners

Investment Week
18 Nov 2012

'Laughable’ energy policy rows will raise bills, Tory energy committee chairman Tim Yeo warns

The Telegraph
5 Nov 2012

Resource shortages invigorate green investments*

Financial News
1 Nov 2012

ESG roundup: Impax on shale gas, Schroders on natural gas*

1 Nov 2012

Investment funds for privately owned water rising

31 Oct 2012

Shale Gas Revolution To Fuel Growth In Related Sectors - Impax*

Wealth Briefing
30 Oct 2012

Benefits to be had from climate change imbalance

Portfolio Adviser
18 Oct 2012

Winners and losers in the clean technology industry

Interactive Investor
16 Oct 2012

Top 100 Funds update

Investors Chronicle
11 Oct 2012

Impax Sees Water as a Multi-Year Investment Thesis*

Wall Street Journal
10 Oct 2012

Water funds on the rise

28 Sep 2012

Subscription shares offer rich promise*

Financial Times
15 Aug 2012

Water Shortages Means 44% Return For Impax’s Water Strategy

3 Jul 2012

Investment Trust Insider: playing the Neil Woodford arbitrage

Citywire Wealth Manager
2 Jul 2012

Commodities: An American Story*

26 Jun 2012

QE's small-cap winners

Investors Chronicle
17 May 2012

Investments: Make Money from Water

The Telegraph
23 Apr 2012

Efficiency solutions offer potential for growth, says BNP Paribas

Investment Europe
23 Apr 2012

Why nuclear is no longer the future of energy

Mindful Money
22 Apr 2012

Future's Bright for LED makers, says Bruce Jenkyn-Jones

18 Apr 2012

Renewables revival will take another four years, says SRI chief

23 Mar 2012

Ten Funds Lighting Up Our Developed Market Equities Sector

21 Mar 2012

UK Considers Environment Tax to Replace Carbon 'Burden'*

Bloomberg Business Week
21 Mar 2012

Green Budget 2012: the reaction

21 Mar 2012

Budget 2012: market and expert reaction

Money Observer
19 Mar 2012

Asia Creates Opportunities*

FT Adviser
18 Jan 2012

Impax invests in Italian solar projects*

Real Deals


29 Nov 2011

Impax Asset Management records 36% revenue rise in 2011

14 Nov 2011

Winds of Change

Becky Slack, New Statesman
20 Oct 2011

Impax, Epuron, Close €20m Financing for 12MW Wind Farm

17 Oct 2011

Impax Buys 100MW of Wind Parks in France, Poland from Eolia

Ben Sills, Bloomberg
3 Oct 2011

Fund Manager's Diary

David Li, Funds Strategy
28 Jul 2011

China goes green

Bruce Jenkyn-Jones, The Telegraph
20 Jul 2011

Allocating to Environmental Equity

CNBC: Simon Gotellier
6 Jul 2011

Climate Change offers opportunities in water sector

Ilonka Oudenampsen
2 Jun 2011

Impax growth fuelled by a greener outlook

Nick Goodway, Evening Standard
2 Jun 2011

Energy efficiency is winner after Fukishima, Impax's Simm says

Alex Morales, Bloomberg
2 Jun 2011

Impax revenues jump 56% as green investing case grows

Dylan Lobo, Citywire
31 May 2011

The newest members of the Citywire AAA rated club

Dylan Lobo, Citywire
23 May 2011

Green bank to start lending from April 2012

Karolin Schaps and Gerad Wynn, Reuters
16 May 2011

Impax goes in search of green holy grail

Mike Foster, Financial News
1 May 2011

Right time to switch on to energy efficient investment

Mike Scott, Financial Times
4 Apr 2011

Focus a light of shining energy

Lee Clements, Investment Adviser
28 Mar 2011

Ways to make light work of energy

Shaun Cumming, Fund Strategy
22 Mar 2011

World water day - investing in the water sector

European Pensions
18 Jan 2011

Clean India

Kirsten Morrison, IPE
10 Jan 2011

Impax revenue jumps 48% as case for green investing grows

Dylan Lobo, Citywire


25 Oct 2011

Build some clean energy into your portfolio

Leonora Walters, Investors Chronicle
24 Dec 2010

Impax buys Conergy’s French and German wind assets

Project Finance
9 Nov 2010

Is now the time for green investment trusts?

Sarah Miloudi
4 Nov 2010

Impax NEF II renewable energy fund secures €118m subscriptions

4 Nov 2010

Impax holds renewable energy fund second close on €259m

Alt Assets
2 Nov 2010

Denmark's LD Pension awards mandates worth total of €5.7bn

Jonathan Williams
26 Oct 2010

Impax Asian Environmental Markets in £131m C share

Sarah Miloudi, Citywire
5 Jul 2010

Skandia drops JPMorgan as Impax takes full control of Ethical Fund

Nicholas Paler, Citywire
22 Jun 2010

Go green, make money

Robert Miller, The Telegraph
19 Jun 2010

Has green investment come of age?

Mark Atherton, The Times
4 Jun 2010

Green team thrive in a growing field

Tom Hirst, Fund Strategy
4 Jun 2010

Impax staffing up, eyeing Asia, as assets near £2bn

Mark Nicholls, Environmental Finance
1 Jun 2010

Profiting from the BP oil spill? Hmm

Alice Ross, Financial Times
12 May 2010

Returns "more robust" from clean energy infrastructure - pension fund

Mark Nicholls, Environmental Finance
12 May 2010

New UK Government: fund manager reaction roundup

William Hutchings and Mark Cobley, Financial News
11 May 2010

Investor Profile: Peter Rossbach, Impax New Energy Investors

Peter Rossbach, NewNet
29 Apr 2010

Impax like energy effiency, returns to wind

Victoria Bryan and Gerad Wynn, Reuters
28 Apr 2010

The bin man cometh...

Mark Robinson, Investors Chronicle
19 Apr 2010

Opportunities for growth in green Asia

Jessica Mead, City AM
19 Apr 2010

Why green funds are making an impact

Nick Rice, Investment Adviser
13 Apr 2010

Cazenove's top picks for charity and SRI mandates

Katie Gordon, Citywire
10 Apr 2010

Reaching for the next level*

Ian Simm, Founder and Chief Executive of Impax, FT Advisor
2 Apr 2010

Investors tap into the potential of water

Charlotte Banks, The Daily Telegraph
18 Feb 2010

Green spark: Renewables still generating returns

Francinia Protti-Alvarez, unquote
1 Feb 2010

Lonyuan float to be followed by other China wind plays

Joshua Speckman, Environmental Finance
18 Dec 2009

Investment Trust: Impax Environmental Markets promises potential

Richard Scott, Citywire
11 Dec 2009

Environmental packaging

Financial Times, David Stevenson
11 Dec 2009

Environmental packaging

Financial Times, David Stevenson
9 Dec 2009

Impax AUM up 15 percent in year

New York Times
5 Nov 2009

Ethical commitment 'remains strong'

Peter Carvill, Financial Adviser
23 Oct 2009

Impax Asian Environmental registers biggest trust IPO in over a year

James Phillipps, Citywire
2 Oct 2009

Impax sees FY results in line with market view

24 Sep 2009

China yet to open top long-term opportunity

Jonathan Boyd, Trustnet
14 Sep 2009

Impax to launch Asia Environmental Trust

Rob Langston, FT Adviser
17 Aug 2009

Ill winds abate battered sector

Fiona Harvey, Financial Times
11 Aug 2009

New Earth in £15m issue for growth

Fiona Harvey, Financial Times
10 Jul 2009

Five stocks to play the green energy revolution

David Campbell, Citywire
8 Jul 2009

Stimulus cash to boost $400 bln water market

Michael Szabo, Reuters
16 Jun 2009

Clean Energy

Fiona Harvey, Financial Times
12 Jun 2009

Electric cars drive investor interest

Alice Ross, Financial Times
10 Jun 2009

New Energy breathes life into ethical investment

Moira O'Neill, Investors Chronicle
8 Jun 2009

Impax set to benefit from environmental stimulus

Moira O'Neill, Investors Chronicle
1 Jun 2009

Don't let waste go to waste

Lucy Evans, Investment Adviser
10 May 2009

Current climate changes a spur for some to adapt

Michael Scott, Financial Times
5 May 2009

Analysts welcome interest in green funds

Rob Langston, FT Adviser
5 Sep 2005

Green shots spotted among the rubbish

Alice Ross, Financial Times