Environmental Impact

Impact investing is gaining momentum, especially in liquid asset classes.

Many investors are not only interested in making superior, long-term, risk-adjusted returns, but in also ensuring that their investments have a positive impact on the environment.

We started reporting quantified impact metrics for our small cap strategy four years ago. Judging from the positive feedback we have received, clients are finding it helpful to understand the link between our investments in companies delivering environmental products and services and the environmental outcome of their business activities.

In our 2018 Environmental Impact Report we expand the scope to include Impax’s Asia-Pacific strategy alongside our global Leaders and Specialists strategies. In response to the specific environmental challenges in the Asia-Pacific region we have introduced metrics related to avoidance of urban air pollution, a significant health risk for citizens of growing Asian cities. We have also included the Impax Renewable Energy Infrastructure strategy which has developed a total of 550 MW of renewable electricity capacity in Europe since 2013.